Kaystrings Artwork
January 3, 2021
GraceHill Recordings
Producer: Kaystrings
Number of discs: 1

Hello, I am kaystrings. I am so delighted to announce the release of my new music single titled “YOU ARE FOREVER PRAISED”

This song is so close to my heart and I am very sure it is to Gods’ Heart. To see people live the life of worship a life that is in constant Gratitude to God, not just for what he has done or what you are yet to see manifest but to Worship God for HE IS and many more.

Come to think of it, We will run out of words to describe the God that made the language we want to use (Gen 11:1-9) or in what wisdom do you want to muse the giver of wisdom (James 1:5)


I always find strength, for my life and my songs from the word of God with the help of the Spirit. (Job 32:8) I never lack the inspiration to write or produce a body of work be it music production or directing. I found out that I am drawn to the things that matter to God and the body of Christ. One of the things that matter to God after the salvation of your life, is that He continues to reside and manifest in our daily lives. One of the ways to this is Praise (Psalms 22:3).

These are the core of this song “YOU ARE FOREVER PRAISED”. I cant wait to hear and see the body of Christ from the newest convert, to the ones long in faith sing this song till God is manifested in every area of their lives. Amen Ps….. with love Kaystrings(Ojo Noah Oluwakayode)


Scriptures: Psalms 65:7,Revelation 1:8,Exodus 3:14,John 4:14,Rev 19 :1-2………